Buy fresh fish from our Fish & Seafood Markets in Cirencester or Lechlade, or shop online.

Fresh Fish from New Wave Fish Market

We buy our fresh wild direct from several auctions in the South West each day, including Looe, Plymouth, Brixham and Newlyn in the South West, as well as Shetland and Peterhead in Scotland. The availability and price of this fish varies from day to day depending on weather, tides, size of catch and demand. Seasonality plays a big part in our fish buying as most fish have a season in which they are abundant and at their best.

We aim to source our fish and seafood as responsibly as possible, giving a preference to dayboat and line-caught fish whenever we can, because as well as these methods having minimal impact on the marine environment, they will also always produce the best product.

With our connection to New Wave Seafood, who are an MSC approved supplier, we are able to ensure that our fish is sourced as responsibly as possible.

Our fish comes direct from the coast every night and is quality checked and sorted before being prepared and delivered to the shop. The fish is then portioned ready for the customer.

Some of the species that we carry at the shop are farmed, such as Loch Duart Salmon, which is extremely high quality and low on fat. It is also farmed at a much lower density than many other farms, which produces a stronger fish, more streamlined and with less fat content. 

Seabass, gilthead bream, halibut, stonebass and trout are other species that we often carry at the shop as they offer a great product at a fairly consistent price.

Our offering is a wide selection of fresh fish from the more economical species such as sardines and haddock right through to prime fish such as line-caught bass or turbot. The most important thing for us is that the fish is spanking fresh and will give you a great eating experience which will make you come back for more!